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Hey Girl,

I'm Dr. Jazz - a ratchet little Black girl from Inglewood. I live in the DMV with my husband & kids, A.K.A. “All the Boo’s.” My life probably looks fancy on the Internet but it’s really just like yours. Before I was Mrs. Walker I was Ms. WalkingTheWrongWay. I dated all the fuckboys. Lost all the jobs. Got all the college rejection letters. Ruined my credit. Had fallouts with family. A whole mess. But, here we are, still standing. *insert Oprah shrug GIF here.*

I moved around a lot when I was younger so I'm always trying to make my home a place I never want to leave. My grandma's from the south so I be cookin', but keep it organic. Planning and organizing is my thing. I think everyone needs a good therapist and Jesus. If this was MySpace a Nipsey song would be playing. Or Meg. 

​I'm an entrepreneur, an educator, and a communications and marketing professional. I even have three degrees & 10+ years of work experience to back it all up. And I know, that’s a lot for someone who’s not even 30 yet. I've lived a lot of life for someone so young, but it was never about me. I think God has taken me through so much, so I can do "so much" for others. ​

And through it all, I’ve always been the friend you’d call in a crisis, ‘cause I'm pretty good at figuring shit out. I'm far from perfect, but Jesus be workin'. I'm just tryna stay in my bag, drink my water, remember to do my nighttime skincare routine, and protect my peace. This is how I do it.

-Dr. Jazz


Create a morning routine.

End toxic relationships.


Eat right + get that gym time in.


Reach January goals by December.


All for $Free99 .

Let's Talk.

About what? Literally anything.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Marketing & PR. 

A Master's Degree in Education, Curriculum, & Instruction.

And a Ph.D. in Communications, Culture, & Media Studies.

In college, I was the student with 21-credits, in 2 clubs, & working 2 part-time jobs. I've done over 20 internships & fellowships, I've studied abroad, and gotten just enough scholarships to still have an absurd amount of student loan debt.

I've worked for some pretty big people and companies like Nick Cannon, True Religion, Seventeen, and BCBG. I did Teach for America and taught kindergarten in Las Vegas for 2-years. These days I teach marketing and public speaking to college kids. 

I started my first business at 19, managing social media strategy for small businesses. Almost 10-years later, and now I teach your favorite media companies how to use social media to connect with people of color. 

I’ve also just lived a lot of life. I’ve moved across the country 5 times. Drove across it 3 times. I’ve lived in 5 different states. I’ve had 2 apartments with roommates, 2 by myself, 1 with a boyfriend, and now 1 with my husband and kids.

Oh and in my spare time? I figure out how to keep my house clean with only 15-minutes of effort a day, I homeschool my boo’s, meal plan, and still find time to go to church every Sunday.

So yea, adulting is pretty much my thing, and my motto is, "I can't control everything but I'll control what I can." 

Let me help you get shit under control. 

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